Fiber Internet

Missouricom’s Fiber Internet is capable of delivering speeds as fast 1,000 Mbps, however, we have speeds that will accommodate all from light users to online gamers to families with multiple devices connected. Add a home phone for only $19.99/month. Sign up before or during construction to qualify for our Promotional Pricing and to have the $99 installation fee waived!

Simple Life

  • 250 Mbps
  • Excellent for online schooling
  • Work from home
  • 4k video streaming


  • 500 Mbps
  • Most popular package
  • Great for families of 4 or more
  • Connect all your smart devices


  • 1 Gig
  • Best bang for your buck
  • A gamer’s dream
  • Virtually unlimited devices

***The above prices are for residential services only. For business pricing, contact us at 844-384-6266 or  CLICK HERE   and we will be in touch. Managed WIFI required for $10.95.


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Construction Fiberhoods

Scheduling Fiberhoods